We help you achieve long term strategic change

Every group of people – whether forming an Executive or Operational Team, a community group or a family – is made up of a complex web of human relationships. We hold that relationship systems skills in large part determine what the group generates – the quality of its behaviours, actions, outputs and outcomes. Systems coaches using the ORSC approach help you and your people to identify and develop the relationship systems skills and wisdom that exists in the group.

We help you build and sustain your resilience and ability to respond to critical issues and problems. As the team, community or partnership increases its collective awareness about its own relationship dynamics – how these are productive and positive or not, and how they determine what the group is capable of, so you are able to move towards your most important goals. As empathy and alignment around common goals increases, we challenge and support your group to move forward into more productive, focused and powerful action.

Systems Coaching in Action in Africa and the Global South