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We are a collaborative network of systems coaches with a wide variety of experience and focus areas, united by our advanced training in Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC). All practitioners listed in the Directory have completed the entire coursework portion of the ICF-accredited ORSC training programme, and in addition to that some are in the process of completing ORSC Certification with CRR Global, Inc.

To contact us, please go direct to the coaches in the directory below. All the listed coaches are based in Africa and have completed the advanced ORSC Series of ICF-accredited Organisation and Relationship Systems Coach training.

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Gail Wrogemann  Contact Details: Phone +27-79-508-0807 Email: linkedin
Mish Middelmann  Contact Details: Phone +27-83-265-4915 Email: website Facebook linkedin
Dano Ronnie Ndlovu  Contact Details: Phone +27-82-555-9703 Email: linkedin
Ahmed Wadee  Contact Details: Phone +27-82-807-2628 Email:
Moyra Keane  Contact Details: Phone +27-72-137-7637 Email:
Nankhonde Kasonde-van den Broek  Contact Details: Phone +260-978277361 Email: website Facebook linkedin
Judy Connors  Contact Details: Phone +27-83-798-1256 Email: website  linkedin
Itta Roussos  Contact Details: Phone +27-82-441-6745 Email: website 
Anton Richman  Contact Details: Phone +27-82-554-3333 Email:
Nomonde Booi Maseko  Contact Details: Phone +27-82-871-4318 Email:
Gary Segal  Contact Details: Phone +27-83-325-7582 Email: website  linkedin
Guenter Schroeter  Contact Details: Phone +27-78-925-0147 Email: linkedin
Elana Godley  Contact Details: Phone +27-83-266-7599 Email:
Creina Schneier  Contact Details: Phone +27-82-556-4698 Email: linkedin
Sonja Blignaut  Contact Details: Phone +27-82-338-7495 Email: website  linkedin
Martine Nauta  Contact Details: Phone +242 06 8397409 Email: website  linkedin
Raeesah Russon  Contact Details: Phone +27-72-561-3338 Email: Facebook linkedin
Jabu Mashinini  Contact Details: Phone +27-83-651-8228 Email: linkedin
Zola Gule  Contact Details: Phone +27-72-974-9981 Email: Facebook linkedin

About our Directory

The ORSC Africa network does not offer any warranty as to the work produced by any individual coach. All coaches listed above subscribe to the ICF Code of Ethics.

For queries about the background of ORSC or to get trained in ORSC, contact the ORSC partners for Egypt and sub-Saharan Africa respectively. For the originators of the Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching methodology, please visit CRR Global, Inc.

Gail Wrogemann

Short Profile:

Industrial psychologist and long-term systems worker. Works with teams, groups, executives and departments bringing clarity, strategic direction and focus to thinking and action. More than 20 years experience across industries and coaching/consulting modalities.

Mish Middelmann

Short Profile:

From 15 years as entrepreneurial CEO to 8 years as team and executive leadership coach. Responsible for pioneering ORSC coaching in sub-Saharan Africa. Broad education including Harvard Business School and strong humanist values.

Dano Ronnie Ndlovu

Short Profile:

Deep experience in coaching at all levels including top leadership in private and public sector organisations. Works with leaders and their teams. Full time coaching since 2007; accounting and entrepreneurial background.

Ahmed Wadee

Short Profile:

Comes from a 40 year academic and medical science career including Dean of Health Sciences. Deep experience in coaching and mentoring academics. Now also coaching teams and couples.

Moyra Keane

Short Profile:

Deep experience in mentoring and coaching academics at all levels from graduate studies to lecturing. Combines mindfulness practice with strong coaching skills.

Nankhonde Kasonde-van den Broek

Short Profile:

Dynamic executive coach active in public and private sectors, with Zambian roots and in-depth global experience. Currently focusing on leadership development and alignment of culture in large organisations.

Judy Connors

Short Profile:

20 years of experience facilitating conflict transformation and gender reconciliation in small groups, large teams and communities.

Itta Roussos

Short Profile:

Spontaneous healing occurs when awareness is stimulated, conscious attention is maintained and permission is given for what is under the surface to emerge into sentience. I have decades of expertise in providing the context within which spontaneous healing can occur. This applies equally to the individual who is grappling with a way to move forward in his/her career and to the team/s who are defining a new way of working within a corporate environment or who are locked in conflict and entrapping productivity and inspiration within the gridlock.

Anton Richman

Short Profile:

Anton brings to his coaching many years of business and leadership experience, as an operational line executive, board member and advisor to CEOs in the public and business sectors, and as board chairperson and mentor in the NGO sector. He has degrees in economics and law and is an experienced airline pilot, aviation executive and trade union negotiator.

Nomonde Booi Maseko

Short Profile:

Deeply experienced in working with communities and teams for over 20 years, trained and educated in coaching systems and individuals as well as qualified as a Social Worker.

Gary Segal

Short Profile:

Gary has combined customer experience design with ORSC team coaching to create an approach to team dynamics that’s simple and powerful. He has deep experience in sales, coaching, IT and business.

Guenter Schroeter

Short Profile:

Accompanying young professionals to grow beyond their boundaries challenges me – I love it and I am still learning. To blend my ORSC coaching skills into any developing work is my motivation today.

As a development expert, people have always been at the centre of my work – over 40 years experience, mostly in Africa and Asia.

Elana Godley

Short Profile:

Elana’s coaching practice provides thinking partnerships for leaders and then partnering with them to design ways to bring their aspirations to life and achieve performance impact and systems change. Her passion is acknowledging and building upon the underlying strength of what “people know already”.

Creina Schneier

Short Profile:

As an executive leadership coach and facilitator, Creina combines her business background with extensive experience in change leadership and leadership transformation and development. She works with boards, executive and operational teams to create sustainable change and alignment that drive positive results for the team, the organisation and its environment.

Sonja Blignaut

Short Profile:

Sonja offers a multi-disciplinary approach in helping companies and individuals become more effective in uncertainty, navigate tough changes and unlock creativity.

Martine Nauta

Short Profile:

The first systems coach in Pointe Noire, Congo! With a background in theatre and Integrative Psychotherapy, she coaches individuals, couples and corporate teams on location, at her office or by Skype – speaking French, English and Dutch.

Raeesah Russon

Short Profile:

Facilitation and systems coaching of diverse groups, German language proficiency, conflict transformation, team building and consensus building, strategic mission and organizational development, intercultural competencies and communication models

Jabu Mashinini

Short Profile:

Engaged in deeply transformative work on a global scale, challenging and supporting leaders, teams and communities to change across all sectors of society.

Zola Gule

Short Profile:

Education enabler, community development coach, social entrepreneur with deep personal experience and powerful coaching skills.