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Gail Wrogemann
Country: South Africa Province: Gauteng

Category: Business, Public Sector, Community, Family, Academia
Working Area:

• Growing team spirit and building team work – with teams, groups, executives and departments bringing clarity, strategic direction and focus to thinking and action.
• Leadership development – fine tunes leadership capacity, grows manager skills to free up staff potential, leads to better management of relationships and interactions, and allows integration of talent and skill in the team for on purpose action.
• Hi performance teams – better able to produce results and manage change, more effective interactions across departments.
• Systems transformation – Strategic systems consulting and systems thinking all work to bring wider more relevant thought process to more efficient internal capacity, growth and market positioning

Key Qualifications:

• Industrial Psychologist, Qualified Coach and Coach Supervisor
• Systems Constellations Practitioner and Trainer
• Systems Thinking, Process work & Deep Democracy. Masters in Systems Psychodynamic work
• Organizational Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC)
• Personality and cognitive assessments – Enneagram. stress management and mindfulness training,
• My experience is 20+ years across industries – financial services, mining, consulting, public sector, education, telecommunications, and different types of teams.
• Background in business and human resources – focusing on longer term change and development projects, team, group and executive coaching, leadership development, sales coaching, project management, mentoring and coaching for coaches and consultants keeping quality of offering at its highest level and to work smoothly with the complexity of the client consultant relationship.

Contact Details
Phone: +27-79-508-0807