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Itta Roussos
Country: South Africa Province: Gauteng

Category: Business, Public Sector, Community, Family
Working Area:

I have a special aptitude for bringing out in the individual, team, couple or family those areas that are sensitive to exposure, yet thrive when gently encouraged into the open. I provide coaching and education workshops for women, couples, families and groups, and my focus is on maximising awareness of the underlying issues that prevent alignment within systems, as with the mind-body system in the individual, or the relationships that are the foundation of the couple unit, the family or the team.

Key Qualifications:

Yoga and meditation therapist, family constellations facilitator, counsellor, somatic experiencing therapist, eco-shamanic facilitator.
Coaching & mentoring experience and training:
. Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching – CRR Global
. Family Constellations Africa facilitation training
Individuals and Couples counsellor
. Primary Addiction Counsellor
. Designs and leads international workshops for couples, women and
Academic Qualifications: BPsych (Hons) at the University of South Africa (Unisa)

Contact Details
Phone: +27-82-441-6745