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Anton Richman
Country: South Africa Province: Gauteng

Category: Business, Public Sector, Community, Family, Academia
Working Area:

Anton’s extensive management, board and trade union experience makes his team coaching directly applicable to management effectiveness and labour relations.

He is highly experienced in the public, business and NGO sectors.

He also combines relationship systems and diversity coaching in a way that is particularly helpful for organisations struggling with race and gender issues.

In addition, Anton has a successful and growing couple coaching practice.

Clients experience improved conflict resolution, enhanced communication and an ability to solve problems with less blame and criticism.

Key Qualifications:

• University of Cape Town BA economics (1983) and LLB (1986)
• Commercial pilot and flight instructor (1987)
• South African Airways pilot (1989 to 2001)
• Airline Pilots’ Association of SA Legal Director (1993)
• SAA Pilots’ Association Executive Member and Chief Negotiator (1994)
• SAA Vice President Flight Operations (1999)
• Aviation policy and strategy consultant (2001)
• South African Express Airways non-Exec Board member (2005).
• SA Civil Aviation Authority advisor to the CEO (2006) and General Manager Air Safety Operations (2008)
• Thinking Environment Foundation (2009), Thinking Partnership (2012)
• Boys to Men mentoring programme (2010)
• Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching (2012-13)
• Twilight Children non-Executive Chairperson (2012)

Contact Details
Phone: +27-82-554-3333