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Creina Schneier
Country: South Africa Province: Gauteng

Category: Business, Public Sector, Community, Family, Academia
Working Area:

• Building high performance teams that are able to lead change and optimise team effectiveness through enhancing the quality of their relationships and the quality of their thinking, which in turn enhances the quality of their actions and ultimately their results.
• Leadership capacity building that enables the personal and professional growth of team members through their heightened awareness of themselves as contributors to a team and larger system.
• Systemic and cultural transformation through courageous, effective dialogue that is key to effecting genuine, positive sustainable change

Key Qualifications:

Business experience

As a business woman, Creina has held leadership positions in both strategic human resources and marketing portfolios. As an entrepreneur she is the founder of Ithaca Leadership Consulting, works in association with several organisations and teaches and supervises in various university faculties.
She has holds an MBA (Wits) 1998 , BA(Hons) Industrial and Organisational Psychology (UCT) 1990

Professional qualifications

• Qualified coach [The Coaching Centre, SA (2007)] and Coach Supervisor [CoachingDevelopment, UK, (2011)] • Time To Think Thinking Environment Partnership, SA (2011) Certification currently underway
• Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching series, SA (2013), Certification currently underway

Contact Details
Phone: +27-82-556-4698

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