ORSC Training

Training courses offered virtually by CRR Afrika

  • ORSC Fundamentals A brilliant place to begin: get the skills to lead and coach the whole system for greater alignment, innovation and constructive responses to conflict.
  • Workplace-focused alternative: Organisation and Relationship Systems @Work also available in-house anywhere in Africa.
  • ORSC Advanced Series – the way to get the full skillset to equip you for all kinds of complexities in systems growth and change in business, families, communities and partnerships
    • Systems Intelligence: A roadmap for change (3 days)
    • Systems Geography: Roles and Structure (3 days)
    • Path: Vision and Potential (3 days)
    • Systems Integration: Moving towards Mastery (3 days)
  • ORSC Certification – international programmes start approximately 3 times a year.
  • Alchemy – the Art and Science of Magical co-facilitation

CRR Afrika serves the whole continent. Who would like us to bring it to your area?