Addressing gender balance in top law firm

Johannesburg, May 2015: Lawyers in one of South Africa’s top five firms addressed gender balance through an in-depth nationwide process including 11 workshops for 165 professionals powered by ORSC. After thorough and inclusive analysis by Abbellard Business Innovation, ORSC tools and coaches were chosen to hold these challenging workshops. The focus of the whole process, detailed in the attached case study, was to ensure a more gender balanced environment so as to improve their competitiveness in a challenging market.

This was an amazing, emotional experience.  As a young female professional, I finally feel that people are starting to take a stance about these issues and to do something about it. – Female lawyer in firm

Workshops included thorough feedback and action planning. The quotes above and below come from these outcomes. At an organisational level, several recommendations arising from the workshops are now being implemented for long term sustainability.

It was liberating and very informative to hear the diverging perspectives from participants. It certainly opened my eyes and awareness levels to hear these first-hand and to experience the emotion in many cases. These perspectives and views must be given “air time” if we want to be an inclusive working environment. – Senior lawyer in firm

Please download the full case study for more details, and/or contact Desray Clark, Verity Hawarden, Jabu Mashinini, Ronnie Ndlovu, Anton Richman, or Yasmeen Rubidge.