“So that today’s girls don’t have to go through what I went through”

Johannesburg, May 2016: Zola Gule had a tough childhood with few resources. She had her first child at 15 in an apartheid South Africa that did not recognise her humanity as a black person. Today she is equipping herself as an advanced coach – both to make her own dreams come true and to be sure that young girls growing up today with few resources don’t have to go through all the challenges she had. Girls Ink mentors and coaches teenage girls to believe in themselves, to dream bigger, to access information, and to create the lives of their dreams.

Video 1: The Essence


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Video 2: The story

Here’s more of Zola’s story – including how and why she was the original founder of Deliver Naledi, which brings coaching and other services to empower young people in high schools.

How to contact Zola

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