ORSC is global

The ORSC Africa network is engaged with a global network of extraordinary systems coaches, coach trainers and leaders.

CRR GlobalCRR Global, Inc is the company that created the Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) methodology and developed the ICF-Accredited coach training programme that is the common denominator for the ORSC Africa network.

CRR Global Faculty are a dedicated group of systems coach trainers and supervisors, ORSC Certified and with additional advanced training and deep international experience as consultants, coaches and facilitators. ORSC Africa is proud to be associated with the faculty that have been and are involved in training our community – and grateful for the fantastic support from CRR Global and its Faculty that has enabled the development of our network.

Marita Fridhon

Marita Fridjhon – USA/SA

Faith Fuller

Faith Fuller – USA


Patrice Birot – France

Lori Shook

Lori Shook – UK/USA

Linda Berlot

Linda Berlot – Dubai

Anne Rod

Anne Rod – Norway

David Wikander

David Wikander – USA

Juhree Zimmerman

Juhree Zimmerman – Canada

Daphne Taylor

Daphne Taylor – UK

Gülsün Zeytinoğlu

Gülsün Zeytinoğlu – Turkey


Nina Simonds – USA


Nati Treister-Goren – Israel

Adrian Pancucci

Adrian Pancucci – UK

Judy van Zon

Judy van Zon – India/Netherlands

Sandra Cain

Sandra Cain – USA

Yuri Morikawa

Yuri Morikawa – Japan

These Faculty members, supported by others at CRR Global and Enterprisecoach, have so far led three complete ORSC Training Series in South Africa, as well as the first all-Africa Certification cohort. The 2016 Series will be offered for the first time in Cape Town as well as Johannesburg from March to September 2016.

Interview with President and Co-Founder of CRR Global

Here’s what CRR Global cofounder Faith Fuller has to say about the relevance of ORSC to business:

More from Faith about ORSC in Africa – balancing task and relationship at work

See below for comments from CRR Faculty: