Empowering and integrating the local division of a global enterprise


The top management team of the Indian branch of a major global pharma company wanted to improve both their leadership and teamwork in the following areas

  • Dealing better with conflict and dysfunction amongst the members of the teams they lead
  • Moving away from a silo mentality and not being blindsided by their individual perspectives
  • Improving global collaboration and tackling a perceived power imbalance in their relationship with global headquarters in Europe.


Judy van ZonInternational ORSC faculty member Judy van Zon, currently resident in Bangalore, contracted to deliver the Relationship Systems@Work programme to the management team. This was done in four half-day modules spread over four months, working with the whole top management team.



The team reported all-round improvement on the above goals with big improvement in being more powerful, happy and confident as well as supporting each other, no longer feeling alone, being more aware of their strengths and how to use them. In particular,

“Now we have a way to deal with dysfunctional conflict amongst our team members”

  • For example, one manager had two strong individuals in his team who were often in conflict. This was dragging down team performance. One day they knocked on his door to admit they had a problem. In the moment the manager was able to apply the alignment coaching method he learned in Day 2 of the RSI@Work programme, helping the two to identify the common interests beneath their heated conflict. By the time they left his office they were back in action and collaboration.

“We are no longer stuck in our silos. Previously we sat and waited while others reported on their line of business in management meetings. Now we contribute actively and manage the business together.”

  • Managers describe how they now engage their colleagues in debate rather than operating only for themselves, and how they get much richer information once they draw on their whole team. They use the concept of the “voice of the team” to engage with what is best for the whole business rather than just their line of business.

“As a delivery division in India, we often felt ‘small’ in relation to our European headquarters. Through the RSI programme we realised that we are part of one global system where all voices should be heard for the benefit of the company.”

  • Managers report that they have found their voices in the international organisation, and they speak up more. They see the bigger picture and they are stepping up to take a role of mature collaboration with headquarters and other divisions of the company.

For more about this case study, please contact Judy van Zon. To get similar services from coaches in South Africa, contact any coach in our ORSC Africa directory. To organise the same RSI@Work programme in your organisation in Africa, please contact Mish Middelmann, sub-Saharan Africa partner or Hesham El-Gamal, Egypt partner.