Merging four teams across the African continent

1 Sept 2014: The Africa division of a large international technology company merged four business units across the continent into one team with the intention of creating a more integrated response to their market. In order to realize their intentions, the four teams would need to align to a common purpose, combine the best aspects of their separate cultures and find ways to collaborate deeply with one another.

A one day system coaching process incorporating all members of each team (50 people in total) was designed together with the new business unit leader.

Adding live imagery to the workshop added an important learning channel for the 50 participants

Images live and in real time added an important learning channel for the 50 participants

The process was run by two ORSC-trained coaches in conjunction with a visual language translator (artist/graphic facilitator) and yielded the following outcomes:

  • Participants created a map of the team’s best hopes and worst fears together with actions that cause both
  • A co-created vision of what the team would like to accomplish, together with the values and behaviours that would support accomplishment
  • Common understanding of what was unique, valuable and challenging for each of the 4 teams being merged, leading to a conscious “importation” of the valuable elements of each into the new team
  • An artist’s rendering of the spirit of the process and outcomes, culminating in a unified coat of arms for the team
  • A set of clear, measurable actions for realising the co-created vision

Participants appreciated the really solid outcomes – while remarking that the team had fun and forged new relationships with each other based on understanding, appreciation and trust.

For more information please contact Sonja Blignaut or Gary Segal.