How ORSC Systems Coaching Works

If you hire ORSC systems coach(es)

  • Your relationship system (company, team, community or family unit) will be the focus
  • Activities will be geared towards deep insight and mindful action
  • All voices will be invited into the process in a respectful way
  • The entire relationship system and its members will be held accountable for the actions agreed in sessions
  • For teams and larger groups, coaches will usually work in diverse pairs to match the client’s diversity

A typical process will include preparation, several sessions of coaching, and evaluation.


  • Exploring your goals and assessing the strengths and challenges in the system

Systems coaching sessions

Typical sessions last between 90 minutes and three hours (and some groups choose breakaways workshops lasting one or more days). The overall length of the process depends on the situation and the client. Bear in mind that it takes human beings 6 to 9 months to sustainably anchor new behaviour and relationships.

Process overview

The process is likely to include

  • An opening session where we collaboratively design the way to work together for the best outcomes, confirm goals and establish the foundations for our work together
  • Four or more working sessions, typically spread over several months (it takes time for new behaviours and relationships to take root)
  • Thorough evaluation and assessment of the impact of the process, measured against initially agreed goals
  • Coaching, education about relevant research, assignments for both reflection and mindful action, and options for further reading, movies and videos.