Strategic culture change aligning to organisational growth

Johannesburg, 17 Sept 2014

Gail Wrogemann Profile 1My client – a financial services business – had been through a merger, and has since set out a five year plan for culture change to fit its new market positioning and strong growth plans. The concerns and delivery gaps lay in the somewhat reactive and bureaucratic culture; people who were slow to react, not good at thinking proactively or from a solution perspective. There was little collaboration across teams or departments.

We devised a 12 month leadership development programme for strategically selected customer-facing teams. The client chose a systems coaching methodology rather than traditional training because “with training you often don’t get long term behaviour change.” The systems coaching approach was chosen to enable teams to be actively involved in designing the way they embed new behaviours and their new culture, to take on a proactive personal leadership approach and to become change agents in the company.

By the time teams were just a few months into the programme, members and their managers started to notice significant change.  “People are more proactive, much higher energy,” said one. For another, before the programme began “I used to get despondent and withdraw when something went wrong with a client interaction. Now I go back with fresh energy and new solutions.”

As their coach and change consultant, I can see these people actively working toward building teams and setting up healthy communications across departments. A clear understanding is developing amongst them that high performance teaming is something achievable for them. This is the start of the culture change across the entire organisation.

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