Supporting high school youth – Deliver NGO

Johannesburg, 25 Sept 2014:

Deliver’s Naledi programme supports high school youth in developing self knowledge, self management and leadership skills. The programme currently operates mostly in the Greater Johannesburg area, and work has also been done in the North West province and Kwazulu-Natal. As the programme has evolved and matured over the past five years we have come to understand the systems in which high school youth reside: the community, family, school and education system. This gradually increasing big picture understanding has required us to adjust our approach: we now engage educators in each school we work, as well as parents of students participating in Naledi; we also now do much more group coaching.

String Xolile

Students exploring the web of relationship through the string metaphor

One of the key reasons for this shift to group coaching is our belief in the synergistic learning derived from groups and the systemic issues that arise from groups, and of course the benefit of the relationships formed within groups. In the last two years we have added relationship to the original five generic outcomes of Naledi: responsibility, reflection, resourcefulness, reasoning and resilience. Increasingly we see that developing strong relationships – with self and others – is key to achieving the other five outcomes.

The conclusion that can be drawn is: all behaviour and achievement to a large extent leads to and from relationships. And so unavoidably, this learning is starting to impact the way Deliver develops itself as a team of facilitators and coaches. DELIVER has been associated with ORSC as far back as 2012, when its Director, Charles Marriott, participated in the Fundamentals course. Since then Enterprisecoach has sponsored seven DELIVER staff to attend the ORSC Fundamentals training. Three Deliver consultants have since gone on to complete the advanced ORSC relationship systems coach training series.

This exposure to ORSC methodology has done wonders for improving this non-profit’s skillset, as well as developing more of a common DELIVER language. These developments have fed directly into Naledi, DELIVER’s flagship youth leadership programme. For the past two years the following have become core Naledi processes: Four Team Toxins and Antidotes, String Networks. We have also used ORSC’s Third Entity process as a part of our in-house coaching training, as well as starting to use Constellations, Lands Work, an Alignment process and High Dream Low Dream in recently modified workshops.

In doing educator development work, the Designed Partnership Alliance has also worked well. For practitioners using ORSC tools, as good as they are in their classic form, we have found it important to be willing to play with and adapt the protocols to suit our context. No one tool in and of itself is sufficient. Each tool is more like a framework which must be populated with the nuances and details of culture, race, place, age and all the other possible relationship dynamics.

The inclusion of ORSC processes is challenging us to bring out even more of our best and is stretching students far beyond where they thought they could go in terms of exploring themselves and how they engage with others.

Deliver is grateful to Mish Middelmann for his generosity – helping DELIVER’s growth through making ORSC so available. His belief in the Naledi mandate increasingly drives forward this sharing and building of a stronger relationship between Mish, ORSC Africa and Deliver.

For more information please contact Charles Marriott on or 073 505 4645.