Sustainable rural enterprise development in Zambia

Zambia, September 2015: Rural social entrepreneurs in Zambia are scaling up operations thanks to team coaching from Nankhonde Kasonde-van den Broek.

The entrepreneurs have been identified for their use of local materials and ingenuity, environmentally sustainable solutions, and strong customer demand for their products. Their challenges are to build larger teams capable of growing their businesses and serving a much larger market.

Working alongside a technical business development expert, Ms Kasonde’s role is to coach the entrepreneurs and their teams through a leadership development programme. Their need is to manage internal team relationships for productivity, to build wider external relationships in the course of business development, and to scale up their own personal leadership development.


Solar powered water kiosk

Mr Knox Chilumbu and his team manufacture water purification pumps and solar powered water kiosks to bring clean water to rural communities. Pictured left is a solar water kiosk, and below is Mr Chilumbu with the pump and purification system that uses local materials.


Mr Chilumbu’s water pump and purification using local materials








Mr Mutale with his renewable energy stoves

Mr Mutale with his renewable energy stoves

Mr Mutale manufactures renewable energy stoves and briquettes from rice husks and cattle dung – lasting longer than charcoal and doing far less damage to the environment. The stoves have a clay inner lining and are sold with the briquettes.

These rural community development coaching projects are ongoing in Zambia’s Kasama (Northern province) and Solwezi (Western province). For further details please contact Nankhonde Kasonde-van den Broek.