Tapping into the wisdom of Blue-collar workers

22 August 2014, Johannesburg: I coached a team of blue collar workers last weekend using the ORSC tools of original myth and third entity. The team is composed of drivers, stock controllers, and a team supervisor and leader employed by a local South African company. The team immediately grasped the notion of the third entity of the team and several of the members spoke very comfortably in the voice of the team, giving a sense of the wealth of wisdom present in their system.

The insights that emerged out of this exercise produced very useful and practical action steps that formed the basis of a list of suggestions on how to increase the productivity of the team, and of the company as a whole. Many of the members of this team, as opposed to the sales team (white collar workers), have been with the company for upwards of ten and fifteen years and thus hold much of the knowledge of the company’s client base and working systems within the team.

Itta RoussosThe suggestions given were of a very practical nature which could immediately be put into effect to increase productivity not only of their own team, but also that of the sales team with whom they are linked.

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