Team building while under competitive fire


A news media organisation that has grown rapidly to employ nearly 500 people in South Africa called in ORSC coaches in 2013 when “staff morale was low. We had been through some intense growth and change in our organisation the year before, budgets weren’t as generous as they had been previously, and staff were exhausted from the constant grind. On top of that [two new competitors] were on the verge of launching. Staff seized the opportunity to express their dissatisfaction on various issues such as remuneration, leadership and management challenges and … structure. There were of course several threats of defection to the upcoming opposition.”

Systems coaching

“In stepped Ronnie and Mish. Over four weekends in June and July they worked with groups of around 25 key staff each weekend. Nearly every person was sceptical as they gave up a valuable Saturday for what they thought was going to be some silly ‘group hug.’

“Not one of them regretted it afterwards; blown away by how these two men managed to extract honesty, responsibility, accountability and determination out of people that said they loved their work but just hadn’t always been gelling with their colleagues.


“I am convinced that without those  four sessions our newsroom would be in a completely different space today. We would have seen key people resign and resulting instability would have lost us major ground against our competitors.” Instead “resignations were nominal and the team rallied together to produce some of its finest work in its … history… Our ratings were higher than they had ever been.”

Contact Mish or Ronnie for further details and to request the original client testimonial from which the above quotations were extracted.