Young South Africans say Yes! to leadership

Cape Town, 8 Sept 2014: I am on a mission of world-work and bringing our dreams for South Africa into consensus reality –through the Yes!Youth SA programme. The ORSC process and people are now very much part of who I am being, and the skills have definitely influenced my facilitation and coaching style.

Yes!Youth is developing a network of young South African leaders who empower South African communities towards active citizenship. Yes!Youth is a year-long volunteer programme – developing leadership and active citizenship through action in the form of community projects. It starts with an initial training intensive where participants learn techniques and knowledge to strengthen themselves, connect with the components of leadership, examine the challenges and resources in their own community, devise their community projects, and start learning the practical skills required to successfully implement them. After initial training Yes!Youth teams implement their ‘part-time’ volunteer-based community initiatives… and so begins a year of applied learning with the support of the Yes!Youth faculty.

Yes! Youth in action

The youth (young adults from 18 to young-at-heart and community spirited) love the programme and their lives really take a step up in a positive direction from the initial training. The follow on programme is all part-time volunteer work so quite organic. Even though it’s early days I see them absorbing the positive effects into their own lives, and many of them are also working actively to ‘pay it forward’ as a natural expression of what you do when you are in your true nature. It’s quite beautiful.

Our first intake in May was local to the Western Cape. The next one in November will be national. So as well as building the teams here, we will have small ‘seed’ teams coming from Eastern Cape (Humansdorp area), KwaZulu Natal (around Albert Falls near Pitermaritzburg), possibly Vaal, and we now also have a lady from Nelspruit who contacted us via the Facebook page – she and 9 other community leaders are keen to attend.

For more info, please contact me, Elizabeth Meiring or visit – and you’re invited to Like the Yes! Youth Facebook page .